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During this CERRE Regulation Forum, Professor Pierre Larouche, CERRE and Tilburg University, and Professor Martin Peitz, CERRE and Mannheim University, will present the final results of a CERRE study on 'Consumer Privacy in Network Industries'. Participants will have the opportunity to debate the findings over dinner.

Cross Sector

During this CERRE Expert Workshop, experts from the academia and the industry will discuss different approaches and policies, and draw lessons for the definition of a sound, robust pan-European cybersecurity policy.

Cross Sector

Working in cooperation with E-Control, the Austrian regulator for electricity and gas markets, this CERRE Executice Seminar taking place in Vienna, will explore the current extent and future development of affordability policies in Europe


This CERRE Executive Seminar will provide for an in-depth discussion of different approaches to deliver good retail market outcomes for consumers from across Europe, a discussion of how consumer’s preferences and behaviours contribute to such outcomes, and what could be done to improve the working of retail energy markets.


During this CERRE Expert Workshop, experts from the academia and the industry will discuss different elements of the ETS and its performance, starting with the volatility of prices, and debate over possible policy changes that could improve the effectiveness of the ETS. 

Cross Sector

During this CERRE Regulation Forum, the study’s authors will present the final results of the study. This will be then followed by a dinner, during which participants will have the chance to debate those results.


This CERRE Executive Seminar will also provide for a discussion on the current state and future challenges of Europe’s spectrum policy, a very important lever in the hands of policy makers to affect the structure of mobile markets and innovation.



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