CERRE Executive Seminar: Retail Energy Markets – 23 Oct. 2014

Europe's retail energy markets are going through a dramatic phase of transformation. Market participants are consequently looking for new ways to respond to current and future challenges.

In this context, the CERRE Retail Energy Markets Summit 2014 will aim at identifying the key issues which should be part of the next phase of evolution in the European regulatory framework governing those markets.

It will provide senior representatives from industry, regulators, policy makers as well as top level academics with a unique opportunity to take stock of the current state of the debate on the main policy issues at stake, to explore the current and future challenges facing market participants, to identify potential market responses, and to assess the implications for the development of regulation in Europe's energy markets.

CERRE Dossier for new EC

CERRE has published on 18 June the CERRE Regulation Dossier for the Incoming European Commission 2014-2018. Prepared in full independence by a team of 18 highly renowned academics, the document includes a compact set of clear and actionable policy recommendations for the new Commission in the field of network industries’ regulation.