New CERRE report: Regulating Smart Metering in Europe

Currently, the deployment of smart metering technologies in network industries, in particular gas, electricity and water, is considered a crucial step toward the modernisation of Europe’s infrastructures. It is discussed or implemented in many European countries and raises a number of major technical, regulatory and organisational issues.
CERRE has just published a study on “Regulating Smart Metering in Europe: Technological, Economic and Legal Challenges.” It has been completed by a team of researchers led by Dr Guido Cervigni (CERRE and Bocconi University) and Prof. Pierre Larouche (CERRE and Tilburg University). On the basis of its analyses, the study shows among a number of other findings that the arguments in favour of mandatory roll-out are not as clear-cut as one would expect. It also identifies and discusses the main options available to the European governments, regulators and businesses.

CERRE Code of Conduct: 13 May

The CERRE Code of Conduct and Best Practices for regulators will be discussed on 13 May in the course of a for-members-only CERRE Regulation Forum. Prof. Pierre Larouche, the Code’s author, Dominique Ristori, Director General of the EC DG Energy, Romano Righetti, Chief Regulatory Officer of the Vimpelcom telecom group and the CEO of a NRA will be the introductory speakers.