CERRE Executive Seminar: Rail Freight – 18 Sept. - Brussels

Development of rail freight in Europe: What regulation can and cannot do? This exclusive event will bring together more than 15 top level speakers, including EC Director General of DG Move, Joao Aguiar Machado, Alexander Hedderich, CEO, DB Schenker, and Dominique Bureau, Commissioner of ARAF.

The panellists will discuss crucial issues for the future of rail freight in Europe. They will among others discuss EU objectives, intra- and inter-modal competition issues as well as the role of regulation. Participants will include senior level representatives from rail operating companies, regulators, shippers and the EC, as well as expert academics.

CERRE Dossier for new EC

CERRE has published on 18 June the CERRE Regulation Dossier for the Incoming European Commission 2014-2018. Prepared in full independence by a team of 18 highly renowned academics, the document includes a compact set of clear and actionable policy recommendations for the new Commission in the field of network industries’ regulation.