CERRE Expert Workshop: Consumer representation - 3 Dec. 2014

On 3 December, CERRE organises an interdisciplinary CERRE Expert Workshop on Consumer Representation in network industries. This will draw on insights from economics, law and political science. It will consider the principles of consumer involvement in regulatory decisions. It will also examine the practical experience of different patterns to identify the benefits and challenges that each presents.
The workshop’s objective is threefold: to bring together expert practitioners working at the consumer/customer interface in regulated undertakings and in regulators, and senior academics concerned with the role of the consumer in regulation; to compare different ways in which regulators, businesses and customers/consumers interact, in particular to identify the role of the customers/consumers in determining regulatory processes and outcomes; and to identify the need for further research/discussion in this area.
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Telecoms: new players, new rules?

CERRE has published its new report on Market Definition, Market Power and Regulatory Interaction in Electronic Communications Markets which analyses the changes to the regulatory approach required to take into account the presence of Over the Top (OTT) services and platform competition. Its findings are directly relevant to the ongoing net neutrality debate and the incipient review of the Regulatory Framework.