CERRE Regulation Dossier for the Incoming European Commission

CERRE has published on 18 June the document "Network industries: efficient regulation, affordable & adequate services - CERRE Regulation Dossier for the Incoming European Commission 2014-2018".

Prepared in full independence by a team of 18 highly renowned academics, the document includes a compact set of clear and actionable policy recommendations for the new Commission. The proposed measures relate to current and future EU regulatory policies in network industries (electricity, gas, rail, telecom, media, postal and water services). They also focus on overarching cross-sector regulatory and institutional issues.

CERRE Code of Conduct

The CERRE Code of Conduct and Best Practices for the setup, operations and procedure of regulatory authorities published in May 2014 provides a fresh insight into the efficient enforcement of regulation by authorities in Europe’s network industries. It codifies the interactions between regulators, regulated entities and governments. It also guides regulatory action and identifies best practices.