Telecoms: New players, new rules? CERRE Report and Seminar

CERRE has published its new report on Market Definition, Market Power and Regulatory Interaction in Electronic Communications Markets. This new study analyses the changes in the regulatory framework required to take into account the presence of Over the Top (OTT) services and platform competition. The study recommends that regulators, competition authorities and policy makers take a fresh look at the market forces shaping the industry; rethink the approach to market definition and the assessment of market power, and re-evaluate the role of regulation in electronic communications markets. Its findings are directly relevant to the ongoing net neutrality debate and the incipient review of the Regulatory Framework. 

The study’s findings will be discussed on 12 November 2014, in the course of a CERRE Executive Seminar. 

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CERRE Dossier for new EC

CERRE has published on 18 June the CERRE Regulation Dossier for the Incoming European Commission 2014-2018. Prepared in full independence by a team of 18 highly renowned academics, the document includes a compact set of clear and actionable policy recommendations for the new Commission in the field of network industries’ regulation.