Device Neutrality: Issues and Policy Options

21/03/2019 - 14:00 to 17:00
The University Foundation

Today, neutrality and non-discrimination obligations only apply to Internet Access Service (IAS) providers. But should the EU extend these concepts to device manufacturers and to their integrated operating systems? Some are indeed concerned that IAS providers could use their market power to distort competition between content providers on one side and access to content by consumers on the other side.

This event will discuss the rising question of whether and under which conditions the concepts of neutrality and non-discrimination should be extended to manufacturers of Internet access devices and their integrated OS. What long term impact could this have on the market dynamic? What would be the immediate impact on consumers and content providers?

Join device and equipment manufacturers, regulators, digital service providers and telecoms operators, consumer representatives, policy makers and independent experts in debating the need for such regulation, as well as the potential implications for industry, consumers, and innovation.





Welcome & introduction 

Bruno Liebhaberg

Director General,



Opening address

 To be announced soon

Panel discussion – The issues at stake
  • What discriminatory practices exist in the fields of device neutrality?
  • What are the limits of current competition law? Is it (in)sufficient and why?
  • Connected & smart devices: what are the risks of filter bubble?
Coffee break
Panel discussion – Regulatory & policy options
  • What efficient regulatory tools could be put in place?
  • Could and should the concept of neutrality be extended to device manufacturers of and their integrated operating systems? Under which conditions?
  • How would a neutrality regulation on devices and integrated operating systems impact competition and innovation along the Internet value chain?
  • What might be short-term impact on consumers and content providers?
Closing address

Sébastien Soriano 



Conslusion and way forward


Cocktail reception



Owen Bennett

Internet Policy Manager, 



Wassim Chourbaji

Vice President & Head, Government Affairs & Public Policy, EU & MENA,



Lisa Felton

Head, Services Regulation, 



Maryant Fernandez

Senior Digital Policy Officer, 



Massimiliano Kadar

Deputy Head of Unit 'Antitrust in Telecoms'
DG COMP, European Commission



Jan Kraemer (Chair)

Research Fellow, CERRE
Professor, University of Passau








Thursday 21 March 2019, 14.00-17.00,
The University Foundation

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