Exclusive Workshop ‘Unlocking PPAs potential’

18/09/2019 - 10:30 to 13:00
to be defined

The corporate renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) market has been developing quickly since 2014 and is set to grow further in Europe in the coming years. Initially concentrated in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and Ireland, which all offer a favourable regulatory environment, PPAs started appearing in Germany, Spain and Poland in 2018. France and Italy are now also looking into it as well.

Despite its significance, the potential for PPAs in Europe remains largely untapped. In addition to the adoption of the Clean Energy Package, expanding this potential will require clarifying the legal framework for PPAs, understanding how other players have expanded their markets and empowering renewable electricity generators to make use of Guarantees of Origin, among others.

This Exclusive Workshop will bring together various players dealing with PPAs in the energy, digital and industrial sectors aiming to assess the future challenges of PPAs in Europe. The goal of this closed meeting will be to define the scope of a new research project led by CERRE and sponsored by interested parties.

If you are a CERRE member and wish to register, or if you are interested in supporting the upcoming study, please contact Maximo Miccinilli (mm@cerre.eu) or Jessica Galissaire (jg@cerre.eu). 


Wednesday 18 September 2019, 10.30-13.00,
to be defined

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