Rail Access Charges: How to reconcile conflicting objectives?

09/05/2018 - 14:00 to 17:30
The University Foundation, Rue d'Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels

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This CERRE Executive Seminar will present and debate the policy recommendations of a new CERRE report on approaches to track access charges around Europe. Join operators, infrastructure managers, policymakers, regulators and rail industry experts for an afternoon of frank discussion and debate on a key topic for the sector.


EU legislation requires that Member States have non-discriminatory track access charges for rail operators. The recast of the first Railway Package clarified how these should be derived, based on factors including the cost of maintenance and renewals resulting from wear and tear; congestion, scarcity and environmental charges; and mark-ups.

However, with notable differences in access charges for passenger and freight trains, and with significantly divergent approaches between Member States, the question arises: do the levels of track access charges in Europe really reflect the costs?

Against this background, a new CERRE research project, led by CERRE Research Fellow Prof. Chris Nash (University of Leeds) will deliver a general overview of rail track access charging principles and issues in Europe. It will draw on a number of national case studies, reviewing the charging systems in place and the principles and evidence on which they are based.

From this, the report will deliver recommendations for European and national policymakers, regulators, and infrastructure managers on the most appropriate approaches to track access charges.

This CERRE Executive Seminar will present and debate these policy recommendations with stakeholders from all corners of the industry: incumbent and new operators, infrastructure managers, regulators, policymakers and rail industry experts.

This event is reserved for CERRE members' representatives and a limited number of non-members.




Welcome & Introduction 

Professor Bruno Liebhaberg

Director General,




Session 1: Wear & tear and mark-ups: are there best practices?

Presentation of the findings of the CERRE report:

Professor Andrew Smith

Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds



Professor Yves Crozet

Research Fellow, CERRE
Professor, LAET, Université de Lyon 



Followed by a panel discussion - See confirmed discussants below


Networking Coffee Break
Session 2: Findings & policy recommendations

Presentation of the findings of the CERRE report:

Professor Chris Nash

Research Fellow, CERRE
Professor, University of Leeds


Followed by a panel discussion - See confirmed discussants below



Networking Reception

 Confirmed panellists


Julien Brunel

Chief Economist, 
SNCF Réseau



Dr Alexander Ernert

Director, Regulation, 
Euro Cargo Rail, Deutsche Bahn



Heike Link

Research Associate, 
German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)



Dr Wolfram Merzyn

Head, Track Access Charges, 
DB Netz



Dr Deren Olgun

Principal Economist, Railway Markets & Economics, 
Office of Rail & Road



Prof. Dr Karsten Otte

Head, Railway Regulation, 



Stefan Tobias

Head, Economics & Tax Policy, 



Thomas Wood

Senior Regulatory Advisor,
Rail Delivery Group



Anne Yvrande-Billon

Vice President, 




Wednesday 9 May 2018, 14.00-17.30,
The University Foundation, Rue d'Egmont 11, 1000 Brussels

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