Mission & Objectives


Providing top quality studies and dissemination activities, the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE) promotes robust and consistent regulation in Europe’s network and digital industries.

CERRE's added value is based on: 

  • its original, multidisciplinary and cross sector approach;

  • the widely acknowledged academic credentials and policy experience of its team and associated staff members;

  • its scientific independence and impartiality.


The possibility for all consumers and users to have access to quality services at reasonable prices is not yet today the general rule for Europe’s network and digital industries. Good regulation is thus necessary to improve both the EU process of liberalisation of those industries and, more widely, public governance. 

CERRE’s threefold objective is as follows:

  • Promoting robustness and consistency in regulation processes and systems in Europe;

  • Clarifying the respective roles of market operators, governments and regulatory authorities;

  • Recommending and disseminating top quality regulation practices.