Dialogue on business model innovation with the energy community


On 4 July 2019, Monica Giulietti (CERRE Research Fellow and Professor at the University of Loughborough) took part in a workshop on Business Model Innovation in the Energy Sector.

She gave a presentation about how subsidies for grid export might conflict with incentives for P2P (peer to peer) trade on platforms or within energy communities. She discussed whether blockchain technology can be applied more widely in the energy sector, as P2P platforms based on blockchain technology would require less centralised coordination of the trading platforms.

This workshop was held by the Loughborough University and served as a dialogue between stakeholders, academics, and policy-makers. It was organised to help develop a better understanding of the current energy business context and the role of key stakeholders, as well as to assess the impact of technologies (e.g. digitalisation) in driving energy business model innovation. The event also contributed to identifying research challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation in the energy sector.