New CERRE Annual Review


CERRE publishes its first Annual Review, providing an overview of 2018 achievements, successes, testimonials from our members, academics and stakeholders. It also gives a feel on what comes next for CERRE. 



Message from CERRE's Chairman

In 2018, CERRE has continued to define and implement with its members an agenda of informing policy-making relevant to an ever better regulation of the network and digital industries operating in Europe.

The Board of Directors is more than ever convinced of the crucial significance of CERRE’s mission if those industries are expected - both now and in the future - not only to deliver and maintain the right quality of services to all consumers and customers at fair terms and conditions but also to respect all citizens’ rights in a democratic society.

Throughout the year, working with members, our hugely experienced professional and academic staff has developed and disseminated top quality, policy-relevant contributions. The Board supports the management’s ongoing efforts to uphold and protect the independence of those activities. It sees this as vital if CERRE’s work is to effectively help inform decision makers to make the right choices.

Finally, the Board fully supports the Director General’s ambitious plans for 2019 and beyond. It considers these will provide value to both current and future members as well as allowing CERRE to position itself as a genuinely public good. This is the only way that CERRE will prosper as one of the most respected and influential regulatory think tanks in the European arena.

William Emery, Chairman of the Board of CERRE