RailFreight.com interviews CERRE’s Prof. Nash on rail access charges


Do the levels of track access charges in Europe really reflect the relevant costs? That is the question at the heart of the new CERRE report, which will be presented during our Executive Seminar on 9 May 2018.

CERRE’s researchers have analysed practices in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden and drawn recommendations for policymakers, regulators, and infrastructure managers on approaches to track access charges.

The complex multiplicity of systems in place offers an ideal opportunity to compare, contrast and learn. However, it also presents challenges: “although full harmonisation of track access charges is not feasible and not desirable, the degree of diversity is an issue. There are different approaches to measuring wear and tear, and hence, different conclusions” commented Professor Chris Nash, who led the report.

Read the interview from Professor Chris Nash of the Leeds University Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) to find out more. The full report will be published and accessible on our website as of 9 May 2018.