The Future of the Digital Single Market


In this short paper, Professor de Streel (CERRE Academic Director and Professor at the University of Namur) discusses what should happen next to stimulate the Digital Single Market. He provides recommendations for smart regulation and policy in uncertain environments, as well as for efficient enforcement to help achieve the EU’s digital leadership ambitions.

Numerous legislative acts to stimulate the Digital Single Market were adopted under the Juncker Commission. These now need to be transposed and implemented in an effective and harmonised manner across the EU. Given the importance of digital technologies for Europe’s economy and society, the rapid pace of evolution of those technologies and the increasing global competition for digital leadership, the pace of reform should remain important for the forthcoming Commission.

This paper was prepared by Alexandre de Streel, for a meeting of the D9+, a group of Digital Ministers from nine European member states (Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands Poland, and Sweden), who share high ambitions for the EU Digital Single Market.