Key issues in the AVMSD revision debates: Video-sharing platforms and regulator independence


On 22 March 2017, CERRE organised a high-level Executive Seminar on the reform of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive.

While there have been countless proposed amendments to the European Commission’s proposed AVMS reform, two particularly key issues of contention have emerged. Firstly, the extent to which the scope of the directive will be expanded to ‘video-sharing platforms’ and how this might occur. Secondly, the institutional issues which have been raised, affecting in particular the independence of national regulatory authorities and the role of ERGA.

With this in mind, the CERRE Executive Seminar brought together key representatives from the European institutions, together with academic experts, regulators and media groups to take stock of the negotiations to date and explore avenues for compromise on the key issues of contention.

This Issue Paper was prepared for that event, setting out the background to these two issues and making a number of policy recommendations.

Dr Sally Broughton Micova